Components for:

Medical, Fiber Optic and Analytical Instruments
Rigid and Flexible Scopes
Dental Cameras
Bar Code Readers
Graphic Arts

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Every facet of production is scrutinized and controlled through detailed testing and continual quality checks performed by a proficient technical staff.
The founders of the corporation, together with their staff and technicians, bring with them decades of experience resulting in skills that cover the broad range of manufacturing aspects needed to meet customer demands.
This flexibility, combined with diversity in talent and experience, allows Westchester Technologies to be at the forefront of producing a variety of components from intraocular lenses to f-theta systems, cylindrical lenses to multi-element assemblies that are smaller than a dime
All optical components are custom manufactured according to customer's drawings and specifications.
There is no standard product line.
Our most valuable asset is our skilled technical staff.
Modern equipment supplements human skill with increased productivity and consistency.
 Westchester Technologies Inc