Components for:

Medical, Fiber Optic and Analytical Instruments
Rigid and Flexible Scopes
Dental Cameras
Bar Code Readers
Graphic Arts

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As an innovative manufacturer of precision micro optical elements since 1986, Westchester Technologies specializes in the production of micro prisms, windows, lenses and mirrors. Below are examples of components made, with their respective range of sizes.


Single or Multiple
Diameter: 0.50mm and up

MICRO REFLECTORS microreflectors
Spherical or Plano
Radii ranging from 10 to 100mm
Diameter: 0.50 mm and up
WINDOWS windows
Diameter: 1.00 and up
Center Thickness: <0.1mm and up
PRISMS prisms
Right Angle, Odd Angle, Penta, Penta Roof and Beam Splitters
Smallest Size:<0.75mm
CYLINDRICAL LENSES cylindrical lenses
Plano Convex and Plano Concave, Square, Rectangular and Round
Radii: 0.50mm and up
Go to Iris DiaphragmsIRIS DIAPHRAGMS iris diaphragm
We have several sizes from 10 to 300mm
We currently have more than 700 convex and concave master plates.
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